Postcard Stamps & Postage

Things you didn’t probably know about postcard stamps & postcard postage


Postcard stamps are definitely not anything delicate. But it surely is important that you are keeping the local post office satisfied! And no matter how you take this in the era of email and skype, it does pay off if you can get your postcards rightly delivered to the potential and existing customers. As you enquired about your postcard postage and about sending postcards, you surely have noticed that there’re a number of mailing requirements that you need to follow. In the United States, the most dependable delivery method is widely known to be the First-Class mail. And there are basically, 2 parts of First-Class mail. The first part comprises stamped cards & postcards, while the second one deals in letters, flats & parcels.

So what implies when it comes to chasing down your postcard stamps? If you wish to keep things simple and uncomplicated, you need to focus more on stamped cards and the postcards section. Since there is lots of mailing requirements that apply, chances are high that it’ll be worthwhile for you to check in at the local post office for getting the entire story on the right postcard postage! Generally speaking, ‘stamped cards’ are where you’ll get a legal postage stamp imprinted or just impressed on the postcard.


Take the instances of the postage stamps of the 1890 French Republic. But the general practice demands that the postcard is of uniform depth and around the quality & weight of stamped cards. In addition, there’re some necessary ingredients when it comes to getting the postcard delivered. The first one is about writing the address of the recipient. The second one is about the address that you place on the post card. And the third one is about the zip code as well as legibility of your writing on your postcard.


If you make any mistake on any one of those steps, chances are high that the postcard will be back to the mailbox! There’s no doubt about the fact that prices will tend to fluctuate. Still, as a guide in general (for USA) the price of your postcard postage for one single postcard happened to be around US$0.3. Then again, Pre-sorted 1st Class happens to be a bit less than this. Putting this the other way around, the payment of the postcard postage and the methods of the payment on the postcards comprise Precanceled stamp, meter / permit imprint and adhesive stamp.


It has been estimated so far that just about 2 billion bucks are lost every year on materials expenses, labor expenses and postage costs that are associated with undeliverable-as-addressed mails! This is why you should know a little bit about the use of a First Class Permit Imprint Indicia. That’s where you could see the postcard featuring a sort of imprinted / stamped permit pasted on it – rather than one of those typical ‘stick on’ postcard postage stamps. You could also choose to get Lenin postcard stamps, as such imprints happen to be widely known as the First Class indicia. For ensuring that this keeps happening you’ll need to apply for mailing permits (US$150 at the last count) at the neighborhood post office. As the rule suggests, you are supposed to bring such postcards in the local post office, instead of depositing them into the local street collection boxes!